National Living Wage increases show need for a 10% pay rise

10 Apr 2019

In April 2019 the government’s National Living Wage, effectively the statutory minimum wage, increased to £8.21 per hour. By law no employer can pay less than this to any employee aged or over 25. DWP has agreed not to pay less than the National Living Wage to any employee including those under 25.

As a result of members opting out of the Employee Deal, a staggering 524 DWP staff in AA and AO grades will have had their pay increased this month, just to ensure they were not paid less than the National Living Wage.

It is a disgrace that DWP pays some of its staff so badly that it is compelled by law to increase their pay to meet the minimum wage. PCS has always opposed the measly 0.25% annual increases to the members who opted out. DWP must take urgent action to ensure that their staff are all paid significantly better that the minimum they are allowed to pay them by law.

PCS’ pay claim is not just for a 10% pay rise for all, it also includes a demand for a minimum rate of £10 per hour (£11.55 in London).  The fact that we have members who opted out being paid at the level of the statutory minimum wage is totally unacceptable and shows how vital it is that we secure a £10 per hour minimum rate in DWP. It remains a key priority for PCS to ensure that opted out members get the pay rise they deserve.

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