National Pay Ballot in the DWP - Every Vote Counts

26 Oct 2017

All DWP branches are urged to remind every member to vote in the national pay ballot. A leaflet is attached that you can use to remind members. The ballot closes on Monday 6 November. Members can vote by post, online or by phone.

The Employee Deal means good pay increases for most DWP staff but –

  • Staff who opted out only get 0.25%
  • Staff in special pay zones only get 1.1%
  • SEOs and above are not covered by the Employee deal
  • Inflation is at 3% it was only 0.6% when the Employee Deal was agreed

All DWP staff deserve an inflation proof pay rise. The Employee Deal has a review clause but to get more money for DWP staff we must scrap the government 1% pay cap.

This is a consultative ballot. Any move to take industrial action would require a further statutory ballot. But new laws mean we would have to have at least 50% of members voting. That is why it is vital that you make sure you vote. This ballot asks you 2 questions –

  1. Do you agree that the pay cap should be scrapped; and that funds should be made available to provide you with an above inflation pay rise?
  2. If the government refuse to scrap the pay cap, are you prepared to take part in industrial action?

Make sure you urge every member to vote and VOTE YES/YES.

Use the PCS pay calculator to see how much you have lost

Please also urge all member to go to the PCS pay calculator to find out how much they have lost over the last 7 years because of the pay cap. You can use the pay calculator to get members to protest at how much they have lost because of the pay cap. Attached is a poster you can members to complete to fill in the amount they have lost and then take part in a photo.

Organise Pay Day Protest Activity

PCS are asking all branches to organise pay day protest activity on Tuesday 31 October.

Our aim is to maintain the momentum around the pay campaign and to use payday protest activity to remind members to vote in the pay ballot, get members involved and recruit non-members.

  • Use pay day as a prompt to remind members to vote in the national consultative ballot. Leaflet your office and give out the attached reminder leaflet.
  • Get members together for a short photo opportunity or gathering on, or near, the 31 October. Use the attached card. Take some photographs of the event, and send your photos to PCS ( so we can publish pictures from across the country.
  • Members should be encouraged to have a picture taken with their own pay day card, either individually or as a group, and send pictures to
  • Branches may also want to calculate the total pay losses for all staff in specific workplaces and take a picture with a banner showing the total loss – so for example, 100 staff working in a workplace will have lost a total of approximately £250,000 between them (10% of £25,000 x 100), depending on grade mix in the building;
  • Share your photos on social media using #ScrapTheCap
  • Some branches may want to have a short meeting, in which a branch officer, GEC or NEC member talks to members about pay in your department and the overall picture in terms of pay. Contact if you want a speaker
  • Talk to neighbouring branches about coming together for a single, larger protest.
  • Ask all members to sign the hard copy petition, directed at the Chancellor, focusing on the impact of government policy on public sector pay and the added inequities of pay across the civil service and related employers.  Circulate the petition in the lead up to and on the day.
  • If you have plans for a stunt on 31 October that you think will be well attended let us know and we will try and send a photographer – contact
  • Make sure you show non-members the pay calculator and ask them to join the union at


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