National Pay Campaign – GEC Endorse Plan of Action

17 May 2018

The motion below was agreed unanimously by the GEC at its meeting on 09 May 2018.

This meeting notes and fully endorses the content of national BB/45/18 setting out the decisions of the NEC regarding the national pay campaign and the emergency motion to national conference.

We note that the turnout of 45% by DWP members in the consultative ballot in October 2017 was disappointing.

We agree that at that time of the consultative ballot a layer of DWP members felt that the ballot did not affect them because of the impact of the Employee Deal.

We note that the GEC has done much since then to build support for the national pay campaign in the DWP and to overcome the impact of the Employee Deal on the attitude of members to the national pay campaign by issuing regular briefings to dispel the myths around the Employee Deal.

Despite the disappointing turnout we note the very positive fact that 98% of the DWP members who voted supported the PCS pay demands and that over 80% of DWP members who voted said they would be prepared to take strike action.

We agree that these figures provide an excellent basis from which to build. However, we also agree that there is still a massive task ahead of us to make sure that the DWP Group significantly beats the 50% turnout threshold and returns a massive YES vote in any national ballot.

This GEC therefore agrees to –

  1. Write to the DWP to demand a fully funded 5% pay increase for every member in 2018.
  2. Hold special regional committee meetings with GEC speakers to build support for a YES vote and consult regions and branches about support needed.
  3. Produce regular DWP specific literature.
  4. Work closely with regions and branches to cleanse membership data.
  5. Arrange a series of all members meetings in the 3 biggest DWP branches in each region to maximise the YES vote.

GEC members will be contacting Regional Secretaries to urgently arrange special regional committee meetings as soon as possible after conference. Branches will be encouraged to send as many delegates as they can to ensure a full debate. All delegates will be funded by the GEC.   

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