National Pay Campaign - Pay Day Protest in the DWP

14 Mar 2018

In November last year PCS members from all over the union voted in a consultative ballot on pay.

  • The national turnout in the ballot was 48.9%
  • 98.9% of members voted to tell the government to scrap the pay cap and for an above inflation pay rise of 5% or £1,200.
  • 79.2% of members voted to strike if the government don’t scrap the pay cap.

The turnout in the DWP was 45.63% so it is important that DWP branches use every opportunity to build support for the national campaign.

Talk to members and explain that we can win better pay on top of the Employee Deal if we scrap the government pay cap. 

Payday activities: 29 March and 30 April

As a key part of the work to build the national campaign all DWP branches are urged to take part in the national campaign pay day protests and organise payday protests at the end of March and April.

Payday protests are a great way to talk to members and non-members about the campaign, identify new activists and recruit new members.

Branches are asked to use the 29 March pay day protest to build towards the largest protests that can be managed on Monday, 30 April.  For the 30 April demonstration we will be asking branches to stage ‘big petition’ events.

Branches are asked to form big petitions by gathering signatures on hard copy petitions over the next two months and pasting all the separate petitions on to a board or banner.  The hard copy petition is deliberately simple, calling for a 5% pay increase, ultimately aimed at the Cabinet Minister.  Petitions are editable so branches can add in the name of their own branch or the name of key workplaces.  Petitions should be circulated and signed by members and non-members and gathered by the branch in readiness for the pay day protests on 30 April. A copy of the hard copy petition is available to download from the PCS website.

To build for the big petition payday events on Monday, 30 April we are asking branches to take the following steps.

On Thursday, 29 March:

  • Aim to build for payday activities or protests in every workplace for 29 March;
  • Set a target for the minimum number of members you want to
  • Use the day to get every member signed up to the pay petition in readiness for big petitions on Monday, 30 April – download the petition from the PCS website, add in the name of your branch or key workplaces, talk to members about signing it;
  • Use the ‘I support the PCS Pay Claim’ stickers which will have been received in branches to get all members to show their support and to show other members that they are supporting the campaign;
  • Talk to as many members and non-members as possible about the payday protest and ask them to come along to show support;
  • Send any pictures or stories to

On Monday, 30 April

  • This is the big petition protest.
  • You should have asked every member in all your workplaces to sign the petitions supporting the PCS pay claim.
  • The petitions will show the name of your branch or workplace;
  • You will need some large boards to stick all the petitions on.  You can either source these yourselves using cardboard or seek assistance with this from your PCS regional offices;
  • The aim for the payday protest on 30 April is to get the maximum number of members outside the workplaces having a photograph taken with the petition;
  • An example of what you are aiming for is shown on the PCS website at a demonstration last month;
  • Keep your big petitions – we want you to bring them to Conference in May.
  • We will send out more information on the big petition protests, but this is essentially what you are aiming for and planning for as part of your union building activity.

Every DWP member deserves a 5% pay rise. All DWP branches are asked to fully support the national campaign, the pay day protests and the big petition.


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