Not getting PCS briefings? What to do

12 Mar 2019

The national pay ballot means it is essential that reps get copies of all PCS briefings.

All members national briefings and leaflets

PCS will be issuing lots of all members briefings and leaflets during the pay campaign. To make sure you get as many as you need you must:

  • Make sure that iMembership/Commix has the right number of members recorded for your office
  • Make sure that a distributor is recorded on iMembership/Commix for your office.

If there is no distributor on imembership/commix the office will not get any bulk supplies of leaflets or all members briefings.

Bulk supplies of all members leaflets and briefings are only ever sent to distributors. Reps only get one copy.  

If you are worried about post being delayed because of central post opening you can ask for bulk supplies of leaflets or briefings to be sent to an alternative address such as your home address. To change the address for bulk supplies of leaflets or briefings contact

If you want to order more copies of a particular leaflet email

National branch briefings for reps  

Most PCS group briefings are sent to your work email. National branch briefings are not sent out hard copy. They are only sent out by email to personal email addresses. To make sure that you get a copy of national PCS branch briefings:

  1. You must have a personal email address recorded with PCS
  2. An email will be sent to your personal email address that contains a link to the national branch briefing. You just click on the link and it will open the briefing.
  3. You should register on the PCS document library. That means you can go to the document library and search for help and guidance on PCS issues
  4. However, you don’t have to be registered on the document library to get emails with links to branch briefings.
  5. Finally, you can set your frequency settings on the document library to weekly or daily. We strongly recommend that you set to daily. That way you never have to wait for a national branch briefing to appear at your personal email address on your phone or home computer.  

If all PCS reps take these simple steps for all of the offices in your branch you will make sure you get a supply of all members leaflets or briefings and that you quickly see all national branch briefings.   


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