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22 May 2009

This article explains about the PCS Make Your Vote Count campaign. There are important local and European elections on Thursday 4th June. Please read this article to find out why it is important that you make sure that you use your vote and why you should oppose the BNP.

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Raising our concerns with politicians

PCS is not affiliated to any political party. We are telling politicians of all parties about our concerns about low pay, privatisation, job security, pensions and work pressures and asking them what their policy is towards the civil service and the DWP in particular. We are holding “Question Time” style meetings up and down the country. We want PCS members to vote for candidates who will defend our pay, jobs and services.

Fighting the far right

Secondly, PCS is working with other unions and Unite Against Fascism (UAF) to oppose the far right in Europe. PCS urges all members not to vote for the British National Party (BNP).

What does the BNP stand for

The BNP will try to appear reasonable. BNP candidates will emphasize patriotism and oppose political sleaze. They hope to gain from the exposure of MPs expenses. They will often get involved in popular campaigns on local issues.

But the BNP has a long history of racism, violence and close links with other Nazi fascist parties in Europe. The BNP want an all-white Britain. They would deport non-white people from Britain. There is nothing British about saying that a black child born in Britain who loves this country, “should go home”.

The people of Europe know from bitter experience that fascist parties may gain power democratically but would soon use that power to ban trade unions, attack ethnic minorities and attack workers rights.

PCS policy

It is PCS policy to oppose any discrimination on any grounds. The union wants everybody to have equal and fair opportunities. That is why we use the law that says we can ban known BNP members from union membership. In the DWP we provide important and sensitive services to all customers regardless of their ethnic origin. PCS has urged management to ban BNP members from working in the DWP because their policies are not compatible with equality of public service. Some other government departments have already done this. PCS says that there must be no room for the BNP in our offices.

Use your vote but don't vote for the BNP

We are all angry at greedy politicians but a protest vote for the BNP would be a massive mistake. The BNP only needs 8% of the vote to get a representative elected. That is why it is essential that everybody votes and that whoever you do vote for make sure that you don’t vote for the BNP to keep their share of the vote as small as possible.

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