Pay 2018 – Organising members' meetings

10 Sep 2018

DWP has agreed for PCS to have members' meetings to discuss the 2018 DWP pay offers with a 30 minute flexi credit, plus travelling time, and with the use of official premises.

Branches should now arrange members' meetings for all the offices in their branch. Branches should liaise with local management to ensure the times of meetings are agreed with local management in advance, so as to minimise disruption to day to day business.

Once a location, time and date has been set, branches should contact the group president Fran Heathcote, via, with the details so that a GEC speaker can be arranged. The intention is to have a members' meeting in every office, with a GEC speaker.

If it is more sensible to bring nearby offices together into a single site, or to hold more than one meeting in larger sites, then branches can do that.

These meetings can be held in the six weeks between now and the third week in October. Branches are encouraged to spread their meetings out over the full period to minimise the number of meetings held on any one day.

At every meeting the speaker will call for members to vote, by a show of hands, on the following motion:

"This office agrees that the three 2018 pay awards in DWP are unacceptable and demands that the Treasury provides additional money for DWP pay for all staff in all grades."

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