Pay 2018 - DWP to pay non-consolidated payments in August

26 Jul 2018

Although 2018 pay negotiations have yet to be concluded, DWP has decided that it will pay in August salaries the same non-consolidated payments that were paid in 2017 to members with a Box 1 or Box 2 appraisal marking.

It is important to understand that the 2018 pay talks have not finished and these are interim payments. PCS remains in discussions with DWP over all pay issues including the non-consolidated pay pot. The payments that DWP are to make in August are the minimum non-consolidated payments that members will receive in 2018.

Given this, there seemed no reason to delay paying this money to members after August so that the extra money can be in members’ pockets as soon as possible. PCS would not want to unnecessarily delay members receiving money that they are due.

The payments to be made at the end of August are as follows:

Grade             Box 1              Box 2     

AA                   £550                £450

AO                   £625                £500

EO                   £750                £500

HEO                £800                £500

SEO                £850                £600

Grade 7           £1,150             £600

Grade 6           £1,450             £600

It is unusual for DWP to make payments before all of the pay negotiations have been complete. However, it has been done under the clear proviso that this is without prejudice to the ongoing discussions that will continue on pay for all grades. The only potential changes to these payments would be upwards.

In the meantime pay negotiations for 2018 continue and further information will be issued to members when they are concluded.

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