PCS Challenges Employee Deal restrictions in Retirement Provision

17 May 2018

PCS has received concerns from members in Retirement Provision regarding the introduction of restrictions to members' working practices.

PCS understands that members have been told that:

  1. All staff need to have one 6.30pm finish per week and 1 week out of 5 needs to be a Friday.
  2. All staff should only be inputting into the planning tool their contracted hours i.e.: those who are full time need to have 8 hours per day and no more ( so we cannot input a longer or shorter day into the Team planning Tool ( if you require a shorter working day this would need to be via assumed consent)
  3. The NGCC WFM needs to mirror your Team planning tool so ensure that your shifts match.

If staff wish to come in/stay late either at the beginning or end of the day this needs to be authorised by your Team Leader the day before. 

PCS further understands that management have also issued instructions regarding restricting timing of breaks and that monitoring of adherence to schedules will be undertaken.

No dictating preferences

PCS has challenged this and demanded that these restrictions are withdrawn as they are in breach of the Collective Agreement.  The GEC is clear that members should only be asked to submit their preferences in the first instance and that only should demand not be met, that team discussions be undertaken with a view to meeting demand on a consensual basis.  There should be no instructions to members to input a particular number of late nights in any given time period as part of the planning process. Under Employee Deal members are committing to fixing just one end of the day not both ends of the day.

No restrictions to Flexible Working Hours Agreement

There should be no requirement to adhere to any planning tool or working hours schedules beyond the fixed start or end of the day. Members in Retirement Provision continue to enjoy the same access to both Flexible Working and to Assumed Consent at the non-fixed end of the day as members in the rest of DWP. PCS has also had reports that management want to restrict use of flexible working to work up flexi. Yet senior management are also seeking to recruit staff to deal with the backlogs of work.

Challenge any unfair practices

Any members who are put under any pressure to input hours which are not their actual preferences; or who are told that they must adhere to their schedule, or request permission to vary their start or end time at their non-fixed end of the day in line with assumed consent in the Employee Deal should speak to their local rep for support in challenging this. Reps should escalate any unresolved issues to Leeds@pcs.org.uk  straightaway.

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