PCS Commemorates Trans Day of Remembrance

20 Nov 2020

The International Trans Day of Remembrance, commonly referred to as TDoR, takes place on November 20 each year and is observed to remember those in the Trans community who have been the victims of transphobic hate and violence. In recent years there has been an escalation in the debate around Trans equality which has resulted in increased awareness of the issues faced by the worldwide Trans community

TDoR sees events take place around the world where the Trans community and its allies come together to pay their respects in remembrance of those no longer with us and to recommit to tackling the transphobic attitudes which lead to such loss.

PCS believes that everyone has a right to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of gender and/or gender identity, and encourages members to stand with Trans members and the wider community in challenging transphobia wherever it occurs.

Saorsa Tweedale has written a piece which strongly illustrates why PCS sees the importance of commemorating this day. Please read and take a moment to reflect:

"On 24 February 2020, in the McDonalds Restaurant in the Puerto Rican town of Toa Baja a woman, named Alexa Negron used the female bathroom. Another woman in there complained Alexa had been spying on her with a mirror. The police were called. On investigation no mirror was found and the complaint was withdrawn. Alexa was not guilty of what she had been accused and she walked out of the restaurant. A group of men, who had been in the McDonalds followed Alexa across town and, using mobile phones, videoed as they taunted her, beat her, and then shot her ten times fatally wounding her. The video was placed on You Tube.

What was Alexa’s crime that warranted her murder in such a callous way? Alexa was a trans woman who had needed to use a public toilet. Just pause a moment to think about that: Alexa was murdered, having done nothing wrong, for using the toilet.

Alexa wasn’t alone. Between 1 October 2019 and 20 September 2020 (the year period used to calculate the total death commemorated on Trans Day of Remembrance) 350 trans people were murdered, often very brutally. 98% of those murdered were trans women. We also know that figure of 350 is artificially low as it only includes those reported and those where the person was identified as trans (lots of families deny the trans identity of the murder victim and register the death and bury the person in their birth name and gender).

These murders worldwide are seen within the UK reflected in the incessant rise in hate crime against trans individuals – up 16% on the 2019 figure according to the Gov.UK website: a figure that a risen by over 500% in the last four years."

Rest in peace, Alexa Negron, today PCS commemorates you.


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