PCS condemns threats of redundancies to members in Digital

26 Feb 2018

The Digital arm of the corporate centre has declared 20 staff unassigned. This is a result of Digital unilaterally deciding that some posts can only be delivered form certain corporate centre hubs. This means that staff currently undertaking these roles in another hub must transfer to the hubs where Digital say the post must be located. As most are unable to undertake a transfer to that hub due to the distance, they have now been declared unassigned.

Digital’s position has no logic to it. Staff have been performing these roles well for years irrespective of where they were based. PCS does not accept that there is any pressing business need to locate Digital posts in a specific corporate hub,

Twenty members of staff have been declared unassigned. They are located as follows:

  • Blackpool        1
  • Leeds              3
  • Sheffield          16
  • London            1 

Digital say that these staff are not yet at risk of redundancy. But, by declaring these members unassigned, Digital have taken the first step towards making these members formally at risk of redundancy and creates enormous stress and uncertainty for the members affected. This has been made worse by the length of time that Digital have taken to get to this point and the poor levels of consultation with PCS over many months. The threat of possible redundancy has been hanging over these members since May of last year.

Digital’s decision is also contrary to the Corporate Centre Hub Strategy. That said that, as long as corporate centre staff were located in any one of the six hubs, there would be a role for them. As Sheffield is one of the six hubs there should be a role for these members in Sheffield. Even before the Corporate Centre Hub Strategy has been fully implemented Digital, have decided to ignore the protections that the strategy gave to staff able to be located in a hub.

PCS is committed to supporting these members in every way we can to avoid redundancies and secure their future in Digital group. We have made it clear to Digital that we consider their decision to declare members unassigned is unnecessary and wrong. There is no reason, in this digital age, why these members cannot continue to work for Digital Group in Sheffield.

Meetings continue with Digital management and PCS will keep members fully informed as matters develop.

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