PCS demands FTAs contracts extended in Carers' Allowance

06 Mar 2019

The GEC was notified on 5 March of the announcement that members working in Carers' Allowance at Blackpool and Preston would be told that FTA contracts due to end between April and September 2019 were unlikely to be renewed.

Disgracefully we understand that some of these members have not even been served with 6 months’ notice of termination of their employment. PCS will be seeking advice on the legality of this situation.

GEC negotiators have raised protests with the Department in the strongest possible terms and demanded that this decision is urgently revisited and members’ contracts either extended or made permanent.

We have no illusions that the Department has more than enough work to accommodate not only every single member of staff that we have but thousands more besides.

PCS has written to the Department and called for this decision to be reversed and for the jobs of our members to be saved; members who have worked hard to help to recover the backlogs in Carers' Allowance.

The GEC believes that these members have made a valuable contribution to the Department and that the knowledge and experience that these members have built up in their time in DWP should not be cast aside.

Time has been requested from the Department for members’ meetings in both of these sites. Further information will be issued as soon as possible.

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