PCS is fighting for LSI members

01 May 2018

In recent weeks some members in Fraud LSI have begun to circulate an email encouraging other LSI members  to resign from PCS and pay instead into a fund being set up to pay for legal action to challenge the grading of LSI work.

An all-members briefing is attached. All branches are asked to use this briefing to urgently speak to all of your members who are LSI’s and strongly urge them not to resign from the union.

LSI members and PCS on behalf of LSI’s have argued for a long time that LSI work is wrongly graded at EO and should be graded HEO.

The GEC does understand why LSI members have expressed concern and frustration about the outcome of the JEGS exercise which concluded wrongly that LSI work was correctly graded EO.

But it is not true that PCS has not supported LSI members in their demand for regrading to HEO.

  1. PCS pressed for the JEGS exercise.
  2. PCS has argued strongly that the JEGS exercise was flawed and did not properly take in to account the work of LSI members.
  3. PCS has served the DWP with notice of legal action from Thompsons the PCS solicitors.
  4. PCS has consulted members about how they want to now step up the campaign.

Attached is a copy of the letter from Thompsons the PCS solicitors to the DWP. Please pass this to your LSI members.

The DWP has argued that the JEGS process is not contractual but PCS is committed to making sure that all of the knowledge and expertise of LSI members is used by Thompsons in fighting any legal case.

Your members need to understand that when CCIIS members took their own legal action that immediately led to the DWP refusing to negotiate any more with PCS. It would be a setback for all LSI members if the same happens about the LSI JEGS negotiations.

By comparison the outcome of the grading negotiations done by PCS on behalf of Fraud FIU members was better than what the CCIIS members achieved by their own legal action and they had to pay for it themselves.

Leaving PCS to pay for legal action means losing all of the benefits of union membership such as representation if they have a problem at work and will remove their ability to influence decisions on matters arising from collective bargaining, such as pay and terms and conditions.

Please strongly urge your members to keep their union membership and help to arm PCS solicitors with the detail of the HEO work they do.

Copy of the letter from Thompsons the PCS solicitors to the DWP

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