PCS Members Survey On Universal Credit

30 Jun 2015

PCS launches a members’ survey: The impact of Universal Credit in work conditionality on PCS members


Over the next few years Universal Credit is due to replace current in work benefits such as tax credits and housing benefits, as well as benefits like JSA and ESA that are claimed by people out of work.


DWP has told PCS that as many as 40% of DWP staff currently claim in work benefits like tax credits, and are therefore likely to become Universal Credit claimants over time, as Universal Credit is more widely rolled out. This very high figure exposes the extent of low pay in DWP and the urgent need for higher pay rises to end the need for DWP staff to have to rely on in work benefits.

Universal Credit is the biggest change to the benefits system for a generation. One major change is a new approach to conditionality for claimants who are in work. Under current arrangements conditionality only affects claimants of out of work benefits like JSA and ESA.

PCS will of course continue to represent the interests of PCS members who will be administering Universal Credit, but we also want to understand how Universal Credit will affect PCS members who may have to rely on Universal Credit.

PCS has therefore produced an online survey for PCS members in DWP group to complete. The survey is mainly aimed at members who are likely to become claimants to Universal Credit.

This survey will be invaluable in PCS understanding what the impact of Universal Credit will be for our members and enable us to raise your issues and concerns with DWP and highlight unfair and unjust policies.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. The survey is open to all PCS members in DWP wherever they work.
You can access the survey online via this link


Charles Law
Industrial Officer


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