PCS pay demands made to DWP

09 Jul 2018

PCS met with DWP management on 4 July 2018 following receipt of the pay guidance, the remit from the Treasury and Secretary of State approval.

PCS had previously outlined our pay claim and demands on behalf of our members, which included a 5% increase across the board in addition to pay already secured through Employee Deal, a real living wage of £10 per hour and a return to national pay bargaining.

We all deserve a pay rise

The Treasury remit, which allows for increases in the range of 1% to 1.5%, does nothing to meet the needs and aspirations of our members who have suffered over a decade of pay restraint.

It is unacceptable that DWP have still only been given funding of 1% based on the 2015 Spending Review. At a time when the government have authorised greater pay increases across the public sector, and our colleagues who work for Scottish Government are getting fully funded increases in excess of 4% in many cases, our members deserve increases that at least match those delivered elsewhere.

We need more money

PCS is clear that the current remit is totally unacceptable and formally request that the department go back to the Treasury and seek additional funding in line with our pay claim. FDA and Prospect join our call for extra funding.

As it stands the remit will make it extremely difficult to increase payments for those covered by Employee Deal, which would mean no increase to the 0.25% for those who opted out, and no extra money for those members on or near the max of the scale, whose ED increases are now below inflation, or for members in the SLPZ locations.

It is equally clear to PCS that those members in grades SEO and above will also continue to be hit hard by this continued pay restraint. With funding of only 1%, even if DWP can make up the spend to 1.5% of pay bill, PCS believe that many members could be left with pay awards of less than 1% as was the case last year. With only a finite amount of money, if we are to achieve any larger awards for one group of members, then these would have to come off the awards of another group of members.

The scope to do anything different is severely restricted by this remit which is why PCS’s demand for a fully funded pay increase, that matches inflation and starts to erode the damage caused by pay caps and pay freezes, is so crucial for all of our members.

All PCS members are urged to fully support your union and encourage your colleagues to do so.

This will help to influence PCS talks with both DWP and the Cabinet Office and gives us the best chance of delivering the pay rise that our members deserve.

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