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21 Mar 2018

Use the Payday protests and the Big Petition to recruit non-members.

As a key part of the work to build the national pay campaign all DWP branches are urged to organise Payday protests on 29 March and 30 April and to build a big petition by gathering signatures on hard copy petitions by 30 April.

A copy of the petition is attached. The petition is deliberately simple, calling for a 5% pay increase.

Telling members and non-members about the Payday protests, asking them to get involved and telling them about the big petition and asking to sign it are a great way to talk to members and non-members about the campaign, identify new activists and recruit new members. All DWP branches are asked to -

  • Organise a Payday protest on 29 March.
  • Talk to as many members and non-members as possible about your Payday protest and ask them to come along to show support.
  • Use the Payday protest on 29 March to get every member to sign the big petition.  
  • Ask members who attend your Payday protest if they will get involved as an Advocate.
  • Ask every non-member to sign the petition and if they agree to sign it ask them to join the union.

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