PCS young members - campaigning to defend the CSCS

19 Mar 2010

PCS young members showed excellent support for the strike on 8th and 9th March when 80% of staff went on strike.

PCS young members showed excellent support for the strike on 8th and 9th March when 80% of staff went on strike. Young union members will again play a vital role in the strike on 24th March, budget, day to defend the civil service compensation scheme (CSCS).

Young staff are flooding to join the union. Over 350 young members (under 27) have joined the union since members voted for strike action. More young members are getting active in the union. Permanent and Fixed Term Contract young members were on pickets lines across the country and helped with press publicity.

The CSCS affects young members

One of the key aims of the CSCS campaignis to get all staff currently covered by the Nuvos scheme (staff who started after July 2007) included in an improved CSCS. The action we are taking now is essential to improve the conditions for young members who are more likely to have joined the civil service after this date.

Young members on fixed term contracts are concerned about their long term prospects. This attack on the CSCS would make it easier for the government to cut jobs. PCS wants all contracts extended and ultimately made permanent. We have already got management to guarantee that all current contracts will be honoured and to extend some, we will fight for very job.

Fighting for our future

Young members face a higher risk of redundancy from this attack on the CSCS as we have less length of service so are more likely to be cut first. There are already one million young people unemployed.

Young workers need to be part of the fight back for improved job security.

Support the strike and overtime ban

Industrial action is always a last resort. The government can avert a strike by agreeing to protect existing members’ rights and give protection to members in the nuvos scheme. But if they don’t young members once again need to be at the forefront on 24th March, and support the overtime ban. Action on budget day will build pressure on the government.

Our union knows it is never easy to lose money through strike actions and financial support may be available in cases of real hardship from your branch or region.

o Young members are encouraged to support the industrial action
o Speak to people you work with about supporting the action
o Give out leaflets – there is Young Members, Nuvos, and FTC specific material available
o Join pickets during the dispute
o Attend rallies in your local town/city
o Lobby your MP


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