Recruitment but no consultation in Retirement Services

24 Oct 2019

The GEC received notification at 11:30 today of the announcement at 2pm in RSD of the recruitment of 250 members on 12 month Fixed Term Contracts (FTC).

The GEC have been consistently calling for additional recruitment into RSD for over 12 months and therefore welcomes the decision to recruit additional staff into RSD, however we have made clear to RSD senior managers that we believe that members will share our extreme disappointed at the lack of consultation with their recognised Trade Union representatives in the Department.

We have told Senior managers in RSD that we would have wanted to have discussed with them not only which locations needed extra staff, which parts of the business they were brought in to support, and the fact that we strongly believe that they should have been recruited on a permanent basis.  We would also have wanted the opportunity to have discussed whether 250 will be enough to address some of the problems that we have consistently highlighted for our members in RSD around stress, workloads, backlogs etc.

The GEC have called for talks to be arranged as soon as possible in order for us to discuss these issues so we can properly discuss these issues.

RSD have told us that their plans are to bring in around 250 Fixed Term Appointments on 12-month contracts at:

  • Newcastle – 100 AOs across International, Bereavement, Pension Credit Claims and State Pension Claims
  • Dundee – 70 AOs for Pension Credit Claims
  • Blackpool (Warbreck) – 50 EO Decision Makers in Attendance Allowance
  • Motherwell – 25 AOs for Carer’s Allowance (Verify Earnings and Pensions).

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