Requesting Personal Data without the need for a formal Right of Access Request (RAR)

12 Jul 2018

The Right of Access by the individual plays a central role in the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). DWP guidance has been updated but continues to include an instruction to managers that if they have information that should be disclosed under a Right of Access Request (formerly a SAR – Subject Access Request), and they are able to provide the information being asked for, they should do so straight away. DWP guidance on this issue published on the DWP Intranet, for Working in DWP/Security, confirms:

What about requests from staff?

Staff are also entitled to see information held about them in their capacity as an employee. As a line manager you may receive RARs from your staff.  Former or prospective employees of DWP may also make a request. If you are able to provide the information being asked for you should do so straight away.  More involved requests are dealt with by a specialist team in SSCL so forward them to the SSCL SAR Team(link sends e-mail) without delay.’

What about CSHR Casework Advice?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the service CSHR Casework offer are published on the DWP Intranet. FAQ 13 confirms that managers should share the advice provided by CSHR Casework for a personal case when requested to do so by the trade union representative:

‘13. Can I share the actual advice given by CSHR Casework with any other parties i.e TU rep has requested the information as they are representing a MOS in a personal case?

Yes, but the CSHR Casework reference number must be removed before sharing.’

PCS advice for Branches

Branches should contact PCS at the address below should further advice be needed on the disclosure of personal data for personal cases.

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