Retirement Prevision Directorate in Lancaster and Saltcoats

07 Feb 2019

PCS learned on 31 January from members in Lancaster and Saltcoats that an announcement had been made regarding the future of their sites and the intentions to “remove RPD presence from these two sites”. We have raised serious concerns about the failure to notify us in advance of the announcement with both RPD and Employee Relations.

The announcements have led to members reporting confusion and uncertainty about their future and the lack of notice has limited the GEC’s ability to be able to answer our members’ questions. GEC negotiators have raised a number of questions about the impact of these announcements and will look to update members as soon as possible.

In the interim if you have work on one of these sites in RPD and have questions that you have not been able to have answered via the Line management chain, or you have concerns about how the announcement has been handled, then please speak to your local rep. Branches are asked to escalate these to the GEC so that we can raise them centrally.

PCS has been clear that there needs to be a proper DWP approach to resourcing rather than individual directorates making decisions about whether they want to retain staff in offices. We have the chaotic situation where large numbers of extra staff are being recruited into the department and packages being offered to others and others moved from on area of work to another.  There is clearly a need for experienced staff to be retained in the department and we will be working hard to continue pushing on this issue.  There have been a number of times that PCS has got measures agreed to retain jobs for members in sites to avoid the risk of redundancy.

PCS maintain our principled position that any member who wants to remain working in the department should have an opportunity to do so and we will be pressing management to do everything possible to ensure that no members are put at risk of redundancy.

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