Retirement Provision Directorate agrees to extend 97 contracts

05 Feb 2019

Following discussions with PCS on the future of our Fixed Term Appointment (FTA) members, Retirement Provision Directorate (RPD) has agreed to extend the contracts of 97 members in Burnley, Seaham, Swansea and Warrington whose contracts were due to end before 1 April.

The group exectuive committee welcomes the decision to extend the contracts of our members, however we believe that rather than extending for only 6 months, the members as well as the Department would be better served by making our members permanent.  We know that there is more than enough work in RPD and in the wider DWP to occupy not only these FTA members but also the others on fixed term contracts which are due to end in the next financial year.

RPD has committed to looking at the contracts of all of the FTAs in RPD with a view to either extensions or permanency if they can, but say that no decision can be made at this time due to uncertainties about future budgets.

PCS will continue to push DWP management both in RPD and the wider Department to make all FTAs permanent and to give our members the long term security that they deserve rather than risk losing them and the experience and knowledge that they have built up.


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