Retirement Provision Festive Leave

29 Nov 2018

An update for members in Retirement Provision.

PCS has continued to press hard with senior management about the concerns of members over the poor handling of festive leave in RPD.

The group executive committee (GEC) negotiators reported instances of:

  • Members having their leave applications changed without discussion or agreement,
  • Members being asked to change their requested days and even their non-working days when % haven’t been hit
  • Flexibility within the ‘Communities’ not being used to maximise leave allowances
  • Team’s leave being decided by ‘names in the hat'

The GEC negotiators have also pushed for further increases in the percenttage levels on days around Christmas and New Year.

RPD management say they are unable to agree any further increases in the percentage allowed off at this stage as they believe that this would have an adverse affect on the service to the public. They have quoted examples from last year of high volumes of calls unanswered, high PCA levels and high numbers of re-dials.

RPD have agreed to ensure that members are given the maximum opportunity to have leave requests agreed and will ensure that where leave is available in the network within communities, members are able to have leave agreed. RPD also agreed that they will review leave levels based on updated forecasting after schedules are locked down, to see if further requests can be accepted.

It has also been confirmed that decisions on leave should be made on the basis of the individual circumstances of the members concerned, and not on ‘names in a hat’.

Members with concerns about their leave requests should speak to their local rep for support in resolving their issues. The GEC is giving full support to branches to get these problems sorted.

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