Satellite Processing sites update

15 Mar 2019

Un update for members on the plans to remove WAD and RPD work from sites at Hove, Luton, Redruth, Skegness, Saltcoats and Lancaster.

The GEC has made it clear that these announcements have been extremely unsettling for members, given the lack of clarity provided on the options available to anyone who does not want to leave the Department.  We have protested strongly at the negative impact on members caused by the uncertainty, and called for the Department to provide details of the options which will be available for members once their current work ends.

Disappointingly the Department’s latest response still provides members with no confirmation on the options which they will be presented with, despite stating that these announcements were “designed to provide as much information as possible to people on the future of their work”.

The Department have stated that the communication was “not formal notifications of the commencement of work force planning processes”; however, the lack of information has led to members speculating on what will be made available to them.

We understand that members are being invited to meet with their line managers in informal 1-2-1s, despite there being no clear options for members to discuss regarding their future. PCS advises members to take part in these 1-2-1s, ensure that they are accompanied by a local rep and to communicate their feelings on the handling of this matter.

The GEC has requested time for members’ meetings to be held in each of these sites and these will be arranged as soon possible in order to support members. In the meantime, the GEC continues to demand answer from Department so we can update our members.

It is the GEC’s position that there is more than enough work within the Department and that the “Digital design” of much of our work means that there is no reason why work cannot be moved to our members. We will continue to press for job opportunities for all our members.

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