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19 Jan 2018

In an entirely politically motivated attack, Tory controlled, Derbyshire County Council has announced a total cut of its funding to Derbyshire Unemployed Workers’ Centres.  This amounts to £91,769.  The cuts will come into effect on April 1 2018.  The core funding of £41,769 will end on March 31 2018.  DUWC also received £50,000 for tribunal representation work with people referred from CABs in Health related settings.  This will end at the same time.

Derbyshire Unemployed Workers’ Centres have been around since 1983, providing help and support with Benefit and Tax Credit claims and representation at Appeals Tribunals, plus targeted help and support with large scale redundancies. They have always worked with PCS (and its predecessors), both in and around Derbyshire and nationally, supporting our campaigns and struggles. Most recently, members at Eastern Avenue Jobcentre in Sheffield were joined by comrades from the Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre on almost every one of the 43 picket lines during the dispute to try and prevent the closure of the office. The centre also provided a great deal of support to the branch, and have always worked closely with branches in the East Midlands and beyond.

The cut from the Derbyshire County Council amounts to approximately one third of the centres funding. This comes at a time when their workload is increasing as Universal Credit rolls out across the County.

In order to continue their invaluable work they have had to embark on a large fundraising campaign to bridge the gap caused by this callous political act.

Attached to this circular is some further information from the Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre, including one about how to make donations.

This issue will be discussed at our GEC next week, with a view to doing a collection and making a donation, and the same will be proposed for the next NEC meeting.

We would ask all PCS branches to consider making a donation to the centres fundraising arm, the Derbyshire One Fund for All. PCS rules allow branches to make donations up to a maximum of £25.00 from their branch funds. Branches should also consider other ways, such as collections at BECs and AGMs, to help raise the money needed to keep this vital service going. 

Derbyshire Unemployed workers' centre - Request for donation

How to donate to the one fund for all

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