Tell us your members have voted

12 Jul 2018

As we enter the last ten days of the ballot it is critical that we get as many members as possible to vote.

It is also crucial that we know if members have voted so that we can concentrate phonebanking, emails and texts on members that have not voted.

You can help by encouraging members to tell us when they have voted. They can tell us they have voted by clicking a quick link on the PCS website.

More importantly in this last ten days you can tell us when members have voted. PCS reps can use an easy quick link to tell us that a member has voted.

Based on our figures we are really close to hitting the target, but we need to know how close and if we can absolutely smash that target to show the strength of feeling.

If you don’t feel comfortable using this link, but know who has voted in your office or branch then phone us up on 0113 200 5300 and we can sort out how you can get us that information.   It means the members who have voted won’t get phoned up to chase and we can focus on those we still need to get voting.

  • Remember members can get replacement ballot papers until Monday 16 July.
  • New members can still join (online) and get a ballot paper until end of play tomorrow 13 July.
  • And we are recommending everyone has posted back by end of Thursday 19 July.

Please use every opportunity you can to -

Talk to your members about the pay ballot and why they should vote yes

Ask them to tell us they have voted

Click the link for reps and you tell us that a member has voted.

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