Update on DWP pay award

14 Jun 2018

PCS pressure results in DWP agreeing to pay Employee Deal pay rises on time, now lets all vote Yes for 5%

Following the overwhelming reaction of members to last week's announcement on the delay in pay, the GEC immediately called for urgent talks with the employer.

Discussions took place on Tuesday 12th June and again on 14th June, between the union and DWP. PCS used the opportunity to hammer home how angry our members were and how let down you felt.

DWP were left in no doubt as to the strength of feeling as PCS demanded that last week's announcement be reversed and that the 2018 payments, that our members are contractually entitled to under the Employee Deal Collective Agreement, be made on time at the end of July.

At the meeting today DWP finally agreed to reverse their position and have now agreed to pay all the Employee Deal contractual payments at the end of July, even though they have still not received the treasury pay remit for 2018. DWP agreed that it was essential to maintain the pressure on the treasury over the pay remit.

We now need to ensure that the 2018 review of the Employee Deal takes place as soon as the treasury pay remit is published. There we can address the non-consolidated payments for 2018 and start 2018 pay negotiations for grades SEO to Grade 6 and press the employer to meet PCS’ national claim for a 5% across the board pay rise, over and above the Employee Deal payments.

PCS welcomes that DWP has now seen sense to address this avoidable confusion and uncertainty. This turnaround has shown what can be achieved by being in a strong trade union, backed by its members.

Now it is more important than ever that members fully support the national PCS pay campaign to secure the 5% pay rise we need and deserve. Ballot papers will be issued next week. We need a 50% turnout for the ballot to be lawful so make sure you vote as soon as you receive your ballot paper.

Vote YES!

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