Why all fixed term contract and casual staff should join PCS now

02 Mar 2010

PCS is campaigning to defend the Civil Service Compensation Scheme. The Government wants to cut jobs on the cheap by cutting the amount of money you get if you take early retirement or face redundancy. Because negotiations have broken down PCS members have voted for strike action. This affects you so now is the time for all Fixed Term Contract and casual staff to join the union and join our campaign.

I don’t want to get into trouble

The vast majority of staff are in the union. When you join PCS you will be in the majority. You have a legal right to join the union to strike. Management cannot end your contract because you join the union and strike. When your contract is due to end management cannot refuse to renew it because you went on strike.

I want a permanent job?

PCS is doing everything possible to get a permanent job for you. We are in negotiations with senior management who have already agreed that they will honour the full length of all casual and Fixed Term Contracts In the past we have had a great deal of success in having temporary staff made permanent.

But it doesn’t affect me

Yes it does. This attack on the compensation scheme affects everybody. It will make it easier to cut jobs. New staff are under the greatest threat. Support the strike and help get more permanent jobs.

Welcome to PCS

 PCS is the union for all staff. The government and management officially, “encourage all staff to join the union”, including Fixed Term and casual staff.

A campaigning union

 PCS is a campaigning union with over 88,000 union members in the DWP. We won a campaign to defend our pensions and now we are campaigning to stop cuts in redundancy pay.

What are the benefits of joining PCS

PCS negotiates in your office and nationally with management. If you have to have an interview about your sick record or you are not happy about your appraisal report a PCS rep will help you. PCS provides legal advice and has an excellent personal injury compensation scheme.

But you only get these benefits if you are a union member. So join now before it’s too late.



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