Working Age Directorate work moves

26 Sep 2018

PCS is disappointed that Working Age Directorate (WAD) management have made an announcement about staff moves to different work when there has been no consultation with PCS.

The planned moves are:-

  • From October 2018, Birkenhead JSA telephony staff to move to ESA product line to support Mainstream work.
  • From October 2018, some Birkenhead ESA Mainstream processing staff to move to support IBR LEAP.
  • In November 2018, Wellingborough ESA Mainstream staff will begin to move to IBR LEAP, with the exception of those currently undertaking Debt North work.
  • In November 2018, Worcester IS staff to move to fraud and error work in Working Age.
  • From December 2018, Stratford IS Telephony staff to move to the Work Capability Assessment team.
  • From January 2019, Peterborough IS staff to move to support IBR LEAP.
  • In March 2019, Worcester ESA Mainstream staff to move to fraud and error work in Working Age.
  • In March 2019, St Helens ESA Mainstream staff to move to fraud and error work in Working Age.

PCS has made the point clearly that the way movement of work has been handled in this directorate has been unsettling for members and seems to be a knee jerk reaction to changing priorities rather than being a planned approach.

Senior management did commit to fully consult with PCS prior to further moves being planned with the full details of the rationale for their proposals and how they would want changes to work. This would have given the union time to input into the plans before a final decision was made and ensure that it was the best approach.

We remain concerned about the high workloads and pressure on our members in WAD and continue to raise the need to increase staffing levels to deal with this. The low morale in this directorate and uncertainty for the future for our members in the transitional sites is not helped by what appears to just be rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic approach.

We will be pressing management for the full rationale for the announcement today including the selection of sites and teams. We will be requesting full details of the training plans for each site to ensure that members have the full support to undertake new work. If members have issues or concerns then they should let their local reps know who can raise them with local management and escalate to the PCS negotiators at Operations level as necessary.


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