Working from home using the softphone system

28 May 2020

PCS has been contacted by a number of members from all around the country worried about this system. 

The system, which facilitates telephony for colleagues working from home, worryingly has no risk assessment and when PCS raised this at today’s safety meeting, the leading managers on health and safety were unaware of the project.  One of the victims of Covid 19 is the designing out risk process and therefore it does not sit with them it sits with the business.

The designing out risk process is used by the business to look at a proposal to ensure that there are no risks in the process. This has not been done which means the health and safety aspects have not been completed. To not go through the proper process indicates that staff safety is not paramount as we have been assured.

PCS has escalated the issue and have asked the business to stop the process until the relevant risk assessment is in place.

This risk assessment as well as looking at the product includes looking at how the 6 point plan is implemented and the UCB process will work.  We have asked for an early meeting on this as this does need to be sorted but staff cannot be put at risk.

We have seen a number of different versions of how the six point plan will work remotely and none of them are fit for purpose. There are likely to be improvements need for those working in the offices and this is covered under the Covid Risk Assessment. We will keep you informed of the progress.

DWP have a duty of care for its staff and therefore should ensure that you can work safely.

Do not work on the phone from home until the risk assessment process has been completed.

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