Working Links in Administration

20 Feb 2019

PCS has been contacted by members employed by Working Links to advise us that the company has gone into administration. On Thursday 14 February the members were told that the company was going into administration and that all those employed on the Employment contract with DWP were to be made redundant. They were also advised not to turn up to work from Friday 15 February onwards.

Since then they have been written to twice by the administrators, firstly on Friday 15 February and then again on Monday 18 February, and on both occasions they have been advised that no decision has yet been made about redundancies, and that all avenues are being explored in relation to their continued employment. However, we are fearful that the most likely outcome will be that these members will be made redundant.

PCS do not have recognition with Working Links, so there was no consultation about this. We have written to the administrators to request details of how this will impact on our members, and we have written to DWP, asking what they know about the situation and what impact it will have on members working for DWP and for its customers.

Working Links only had remaining contracts in a few parts of the country; Wales, South West, North East, Sheffield and London, as far as we are aware. There are also only a few branches who have members listed as working for Working Links.

These branches are:

DWP Sheffield HQ                          047012            1 members

DWP Central London                      047029            1 members

DWP Devon                                   047095            1 members

DWP South East Wales                 047116            1 members

DWP Eastern Valleys                    047117            2 members

DWP Tyneside & Northumbria        047120            1 members

DWP Tees Valley                          047122            3 members

DWP North West Wales                047129           3 members

If any other branches believe they have members employed by Working Links then please provide us with details. Similarly, if any of the branches mentioned have more members employed by Working Links than indicated then please let us have details of all members you believe are working for the company.

If branches are contacted by any members who are employed by Working Links on the DWP contract then ask them to contact DWP Group Office in Leeds.

Once we have more information we will issue an update.


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