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21 May 2020

COVID 19 has brought challenges for the DWP workforce the like of which we have never seen and PCS members, as always, stepped right up to the plate when called upon to do so. Working from the office, at home, redeployed and retrained we undertook society’s most critical work clearing two million new Universal Credit claims in a matter of weeks. PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka, in lauding DWP workers, recognised this as a Herculean task.

Special leave and warning review period suspension letters

21 May 2020

We have previously reported on our response to the DWP decision to suspend an employee’s warning review period during the period of their coronavirus related special leave. DWP Coronavirus HR policy guidance was updated, on 23 April, to include two paragraphs to apply the principle that the employee has to be at work to serve the normal post-warning review period, to coronavirus-related special leave. 

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