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The DWP group campaigns hard for members and works tirelessly to improve the pay, terms and conditions and job security through our negotiations with DWP management, ministers and the government.

PCS funds these pages because they are vital for communicating to DWP members, who we hope will increasingly use, contribute to and enjoy this site and use it as an important resource.

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DWP Union News - Weekly Bulletin 24

11 Jun 2010

As the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced that trade unions would be involved in the debate and discussion about how we deal with the national debt, PCS met the new Secretary of State and his ministerial team this week. They announced to us their intention to scrap Flexible New Deal 2 and bring to an early end FND 1 and Pathways to Work. They told us that instead they wanted to introduce a single work programme to help people back into work. PCS argued for no outsourcing much of which has delivered poorly and none of which has delivered better than we do in-house. We made the point that our members are helping people back into work which is best done by DWP. Chris Grayling, Employment Minister, agreed to meet with us separately to discuss these issues in more detail.

DWP Union News - Weekly Bulletin 23

04 Jun 2010

Scrap these Scandalous Bonuses
As the media spotlight continues to shine on Whitehall, there was more unwelcome publicity this week on the issue of bonuses for senior management. The press reported that Civil Service bonuses increased by 20% last year. Most PCS members will have read these reports incredulously because, of course, the many who do the work never see these bonuses. Many PCS members still struggle financially each month. PCS will be arguing hard in the coming pay talks that these bonuses must be scrapped once and for all and instead every penny put into the pay pot to improve our pay rates.

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