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The DWP group campaigns hard for members and works tirelessly to improve the pay, terms and conditions and job security through our negotiations with DWP management, ministers and the government.

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Concerns raised on reduction of appointment times in Jobcentres

11 Dec 2020

PCS is opposed to the reintroduction of Labour Market conditionality from 1 July 2020. Group executive committee (GEC) negotiators robustly made the case that reintroducing the conditionality and sanctions regime was morally wrong at any time, never mind at a time of a pandemic and limited job opportunities as unemployment was forecast to rise. DWP advised that there would be a phased approach to conditionality and that there would be a light touch decision making process when it came to issuing sanctions.

Universal Credit - Staff as Claimants

11 Dec 2020

The Group Executive Committee (GEC) has been raising the issue of staff as claimants with DWP for the past couple of years. Motion A21, carried by DWP group conference 2018, gave instructions to the GEC on the protections asked for by staff when making a claim for Universal Credit whilst being employed by DWP. GEC negotiators have continued to take up the concerns raised by members claiming Universal Credit at meetings with DWP

DWP Safety Dispute - Saturday opening advice for members working from home

07 Dec 2020

While we haven't been able to convince DWP not to proceed with opening Jobcentres and UC Service Centres on a Saturday during the pandemic, and we have made clear our continued opposition to extending operating hours, further concessions have been agreed between PCS and the employer aimed at reducing the risk to our members.

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