Direct debit

Our strength as a union is campaigning for our members, challenging the government’s cuts and austerity agenda.

In the past the government removed check-off – our ability to collect your union subscriptions from your monthly pay.  We switched the vast majority of members to pay their subs by direct debit, as well as launching successful challenges through the courts.

Now the Trade Union Act means that other employers have the potential to again consider removing check off.

With the cuts to the civil service and attacks on terms and conditions, it has never been more important to be a PCS member.

Thousands of PCS members in over 100 different departments and employers still pay their subs by check off.  We are asking all members now to make sure they are ‘DD ready’ – so that if your employer does end check-off your union membership is secured.

By asking all our members to pay their subscriptions by direct debit we also ensure that we are entirely independent from the employers we are seeking to challenge. We need to secure our own future.

If you currently pay your subscription fees to the union by check-off, please register to pay by direct debit. It is simple to do using iMembership. You will need your membership number or National Insurance number to hand.  We will only switch you to DD payments if your employer decides to end check-off or when all members where you work have signed up to be DD ready.

If you haven’t already registered to use the PCS website, you can do so here.


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