Disability events calendar

Date Event
May Make May Purple for Stroke
7 May World Asthma Day
10 May World Lupus Day
12 May World Fibromyalgia Day
12 May International Awareness Day for Chronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases
3–11 May Dystonia Awareness Week
6–12 May ME Awareness Week
13-19 May Mental Health Awareness Week
20 May World Auto-immune Arthritis Day
20-26 May National Epilepsy Week
20-26 May Action for Brain Injury Week
23 May International Day to End Obstetric Fistula
24 May Hats for Headway Day
June Scleroderma Awareness Month
3-9 June World Heart Rhythm Week
10-16 June Diabetes Week
10-16 June Carers' Week
10-16 June Men’s Health Week
13 June International Albinism Awareness Day
14 June World Blood Donor Day
19 June World Sickle Cell Day
29 June World Scleroderma Day
14 July Disability Awareness Day
28 July World Hepatitis Day
September Urology Awareness Month
September Blood Cancer Awareness Month
September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
September World Alzheimer’s Month
2-8 September Migraine Awareness Week
2-8 September Organ Donation Week
10 September World Suicide Prevention Day
15 September World Lymphoma Awareness Day
16-20 September Jeans for Genes
21 September World Alzheimer’s Day
27 September World’s Biggest Coffee Morning
29 September World Heart Day
October Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October ODC Awareness Month
October Dyslexia Awareness Month
4 October World Dyslexia Awareness Day
6 October World Cerebral Palsy Day
6-12 October ODC Awareness Week
10 October World Mental Health Day
12 October World Arthritis Day
13 October World Hospice and Palliative Care Day
18 October World Menopause Day
20 October World Osteoporosis Day
22 October International Stammering Awareness Day
November Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month
14 November World Diabetes Day


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