Department for International Trade

The Department for International Trade (DIT) is the government department responsible for securing UK and global prosperity by promoting and financing international trade and investment and championing free trade.

Our members are part of a network working in 108 countries.


The DIT branch has a branch executive committee (BEC) elected by branch members annually, usually in February.

All members in the DIT branch are eligible to stand for election and to vote for candidates.

The make up of the committee is:

  • chair
  • vice-chair
  • treasurer
  • secretary
  • assistant secretary
  • organiser
  • equality officer
  • personal case officer
  • 9 ordinary members.

We also field representatives for the Equality and Health and Safety forums, and Disabled, Black and Young Members’ networks.

Because we have members all round the world, we also have a network of contacts covering as many overseas posts as possible, as well as departments in London and the UK regions and nations.  These volunteers keep the committee in touch with what concerns members have, and as a face to face contact for union members throughout the network around the world.

View a list of DIT contacts.

When you are a member of PCS, you are a member of the largest recognised union within DIT and together we do make a difference.

If you are a member, please encourage your colleagues to join.  The easiest way is to join online.

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