DWP consultative ballot FAQs 

What is the ballot about? 

The ballot is primarily about members' safety during the Covid pandemic. DWP is ignoring the increased risks to members’ safety by reopening jobcentres and extending operating hours, and with that the opening hours of jobcentres, while the pandemic continues and all scientific advice suggests a likely second spike this winter.

Is it a postal vote? 

This is an online ballot, members will receive notices directly from the independent scrutineers, by email to their personal email address held by PCS.   
Members that have not provided PCS with a personal e-mail address will sent a ballot paper by post to their designated postal address and can vote either online via the independent scrutineers website, or by returning their completed ballot paper to the independent scrutineer using the pre-paid return envelope enclosed. 

What are the dates for the ballot? 

Monday 17 August until noon on Monday 7 September.   
Voting emails will be issued during Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 August, with the exception of those recently joined, members should receive their voting email by Wednesday 19 August.  
Completed ballot papers and online votes must be received by the independent scrutineer by no later than noon on Monday 7 September 2020. 

When do vote have to be received by? 

All votes must be received by noon on 7 September. So right up to then online, postal votes would have to be posted in time to get to the scrutineers by this deadline.       

What do I do if I haven’t got a ballot paper? 

Members should allow until Tuesday 25 August to receive their ballot paper, before requesting a replacement. You can request a replacement ballot paper by emailing Leeds@pcs.org.uk  with the following information: 

  • full name 

  • membership or national insurance number 

  • personal email 

  • full postal address including postcode 

Please check your spam folder before requesting a replacement.  

Requests for replacement ballot papers must be received by no later than noon on Tuesday 1 September. 

Does that mean I will have to go on strike?  

No. We are using the ballot to consult you on this issue but there would have to be a further statutory strike ballot before any strike action could be called. 

What should I do if I am approached by my manager about changing my rota?  

Members should engage with managers to ensure they secure the references they want and and follow the advice issued in DWP/MB/115/20 issued on 12 August.

I opted out of the employer deal, so will this affect me?  

Although you cannot be made to work the extended hours if you opted out, everyone's safety is being put at risk by reopening jobcentres and extending hours. We urge all members covered by this ballot to vote yes to protect members safety.

I am currently working from home, does this ballot affect me? 

DWP has made clear that all staff based in the offices announced will be included. While at the moment your safety is protected by you working from home, PCS cannot guarantee how long this provision will last for and the department has started to request staff return to the workplace in a number of areas. All members are therefore asked to vote yes to protect members' safety

I’m not a PCS member. How can I have a say in this? 

If you join PCS no later than Wednesday 26 August you will automatically be included in the ballot and will be sent an online vote to your personal email address by no later than Thursday 3 September. 

For further information email Leeds@pcs.org.uk 


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