Glasgow jobcentre closures

PCS members can be proud of their representatives and activists for their hard work and organised campaign against the proposed job centre closures in Glasgow. The campaign set a precedent, the secretive announcements that followed nationwide was mainly because of  such successful and organised campaigning by PCS against the Glasgow jobcentre closures. Proposed closures and relocations appear to lack any concern, not only for PCS members as staff, but also for the department’s own clients.

Young members face a higher costs of living alongside wage freezes. Young members affected by office closures may have to travel further to attend work, thus costing more money and squeezing the pockets of our young members even further.

Furthermore, our younger clients face similar issues because of the proposed closures. Social Security payments are often paid at a lesser rate because of age and young people are expected to support themselves and family on these lesser amounts. Considering that individuals may have to travel further to make appointments at Jobcentres which will cost more money, then this will squeeze the pockets of young people even further and increase the likelihood of youth poverty.

The young member’s network will continue to support PCS campaigns to stop closures and to raise awareness of the severe impact that the closures will have on younger members of staff and younger clients.


Craig Jackson

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