Not one more day

On 1 July 2017 in London, the People’s Assembly called a mass demonstration against austerity. Thousands of people from all over the country gathered to show strength and solidarity in the face of continuing cuts and austerity put in place by the current government. The demonstration was supported by all major trade unions, including PCS, and the turnout was incredible.

We assembled at BBC Broadcasting House; from there we marched to Parliament Square. Various speakers took to the stage and addressed issues such as the public sector pay cap, the Grenfell Tower tragedy and cuts to public services. Some of my favourite speakers of the day were John McDonnell, Mark Serwotka and Jeremy Corbyn.

The atmosphere when Jeremy Corbyn took to the stage was incredible. Thousands of people were chanting “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” and cheering in response to his speech. After Jeremy’s speech energised the crowd, a variety of artists/performers took to the stage. It was a brilliant experience and I would strongly recommend that as many of you as possible try and attend these kinds of demonstrations. As trade union members I feel it is important to show solidarity and strength, now more than ever.


George Richardson

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