EFRA group

The Environment Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) group is made up of PCS members in the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs.


Throughout the current coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic the group executive committee has been working to safeguard your health and wellbeing. We’ve met and corresponded with senior management across the whole of Efra including NDPBs.  We’ve also been fielding queries from a significant number of members and branches who are quite rightly concerned about potential exposure to COVID-19 within the workplace and the expectations of their business area during the pandemic.

Latest Guidance

Please see the Lateset News pages for updates for EFRA members and the dedicated Coronavirus section of the PCS website.

Things you can do as a member of PCS:

  • If you haven’t already done so, let PCS have your personal/non-work email address and your mobile phone number. We’ll only use it to keep you informed about PCS matters. You can update your details securely online by registering for PCS Digital or by contacting membership@pcs.org.uk. Alternatively, ask your local PCS rep to enter your details securely on the PCS Organising App.
  • Look out for further comms from PCS, attend local members meetings via telekit, talk with your local PCS rep
  • Make your views known! Consider being visible online, responds to intranet articles on this. They are widely read, so messages from the membership count. Be vocal.
  • Get active – we always need more reps and communicating with members is even more important at the moment.

If you would like to get more involved with PCS then please contact your local reps or get in touch with leeds@pcs.org.uk or on 0113 200 5300 to get contact details.

Representing Members in:

  • Animal Plant and Health Agency (APHA)
  • Rural Payments Agency

Non-departmental public bodies

  • Natural England
  • Kew Gardens and Kew Enterprises
  • Marine Management Organisation
  • Joint Nature Conservation committee
  • Forestry Commission

Page last updated 24 March 2020

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