Equality Journals

PCS Equality Journals

Every year our equality forums and committees produce two editions of each of their equality journals - with the exception of the Young Members Newsletter which is issued four times each year.
These are now distributed as an email summary newsletter with full versions of stories available online. 

Disability Matters
The newsletter by and for disabled members in PCS and anyone keen to promote disability equality.

Equality Freedom & Justice
The newsletter for black* members in PCS.  It contains articles on some key issues for black members and general PCS news.

LGBT+ Matters
LGBT+ Matters is the newsletter for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans members in PCS.

PCS Women
The newsletter for women members in PCS is distributed as an email summary.

Young Members Newsletter
Written four times per year and produced by young members for young members in PCS. 

Contact us:
Found a particular article interesting / helpful at work or gained new insight on an issue?
Perhaps you have ideas for an article?
We welcome your views on the journals and your suggestions for future articles, and encourage you to get involved in all levels of PCS.
Email: equality@pcs.org.uk

*Black: PCS uses the term black in the political context to apply to people from African and Asian diasporas, including people of dual heritage.


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