Equality within the Defence Sector

Our equality agenda is integral to everything we do as a union. Our key aims are to ensure that those members in groups currently under-represented in union structures are encouraged and supported to play a full and active role in our union and that equality issues are at the forefront of every engagement with management.

Within the Defence Sector group (DSg) we have established equality leads for each equality strand, whether from within the GEC or, where necessary, from the wider membership. Each lead has clear objectives to pursue in line with PCS policy including acting as the focal point for their respective quality strand within the group, developing a network within that equality strand at group level and assisting representatives to establish such networks at local level, as well as promoting local equality-agenda activity.

All members who fall within one of the equality strands that have a lead are encouraged to join the relevant national and group networks. The strands are:

  • Black members*
  • Disabled members
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) members
  • Women's Forum
  • Young members (27 and under)

*PCS uses ‘black’ in a political context, to encompass people from African, Asian, Chinese, Arabic, etc, backgrounds. The political black encompasses specific historical and contemporary contexts, which have led to socio economic structural inequalities and discrimination being colour based and/or members sharing a history of slavery and/or colonisation.

Want to know more? Contact Alan Dennis, the equality lead, at aland@pcs.org.uk.


Revised Equality Analysis Guide

Updated 30 Jan 2017

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