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Equality & Learning Department

We are based at PCS London Headquarters, Clapham Junction and are responsible for developing and implementing PCS policies and campaigns with and for our members on Equal Opportunities.

Equality is at the heart of everything we do. In the way we organise ourselves and campaign we always strive to ensure we are representing all of our members.

PCS reps and staff work with members to promote equality and tackle discrimination in the workplace, society and the wider world.

We are committed to ensuring those members in groups currently under-represented in our union’s structures are encouraged and supported to play a full and active role.

The main responsibilities of the department include:

  • negotiations with the Cabinet Office on Civil Service equality policies
  • supporting PCS national forums for women, black, disabled, young and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) members
  • providing policy advice and guidance to PCS negotiators, reps and members on best practice in employment and discrimination law
  • providing reports to the PCS National Executive Committee (NEC)
  • organising conferences, seminars and meetings for all the national equality forums/committees
  • supporting regional activities to develop pan-equality or equality strand networks.


The department also has responsibility for:

  • Gender equality
  • Supporting development of regional women's networks
  • Secretary to national women’s forum
  • PCS national women’s seminar
  • TUC Women's Conference, and general support for STUC Women's Conference and WTUC equalities
  • Race, ARAF
  • Religion and belief
  • Immigration and asylum
  • Supporting development of regional black members' networks
  • Secretary to PCS national black members' committee
  • PCS national black members' seminar
  • TUC Black Workers' Conference, and general support for STUC Black Workers' Conference and WTUC equalities
  • Disabled members and disability equality
  • Development of our regional disabled members' networks
  • Secretary to PCS national disabled members' forum
  • PCS national disabled members' seminar
  • TUC Disabled Workers' Conference, with general support for STUC and WTUC equalities 
  • LGBT+ equalities/sexual orientation and gender identity 
  • Working with Proud - the voice for LGBT+ members in PCS - e.g. organising for Pride events and LGBT+ history month events
  • PCS national LGBT+ seminar 
  • TUC LGBT+ conference, and general support for STUC LGBT+ workers' conference and WTUC equalities 
  • NEC equalities co-ordinating committee and other NEC sub-committees as required
  • PCS Young Members' Network
  • TUC Young Workers' Conference
  • PCS Young members' seminar
  • Producing materials for history months and other events in the equality calendar


Karen Foster - Head of Equality

Karen contributes to PCS policies on equal opportunities, representation and workplace strategies to tackle inequality and discrimination.

She negotiates with the Cabinet Office on equality, diversity and inclusion, works closely with the National Trade Unions (NTUC) and (ex CCSU), oversees six forums/committees, five PCS national seminars and five TUC equality conferences during the year and is the Secretary to the NEC equalities co-ordinating committee.

Email: Melissa Wells provides executive support and can be contacted at

Equality Administrator: Jackie Lennard provides adminstrative support to equality officers on TUC, forum & committees and seminars and can be contacted at or 020 7801 2683

All of the equality officers can be contacted via the equality email address regarding queries for their area of work.

Karen Foster - Head of Equality

  • Policy: LGBT+ member issues
  • TUC LGBT+ conference
  • LGBT+ Members Seminar


    Diane Ebanks - Equality officer 

    • Policy: Women and Young members' issues
    • Women and Young members' TUC conferences
    • Women and Young Members' Seminars
    • Lead equality organiser


    Caroline Brown -  Equality officer

    • Policy: Black and Disabled members' issues
    • TUC Black and Disabled Workers' conferences
    • Black and Disabled members' Seminars
    • Executive support for team



    We also operate a racial incident helpine for members only.

    Have you experienced a racial incident at work?
    Do you feel unable to contact your local union representative?

    Call the 24 hour racial incident hotline: 020 7801 2678

    Our promise: 

    • All messages left are strictly confidential.
    • An officer of the union will contact you within 48 hours to discuss the incident in detail.

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