Equality groups

There are four national equality forums, which are organised by the Equality department as follows:

  • National black members' committee (NBMC)
  • National disability forum (NDMF)
  • National women's forum (NWF)
  • National young member's committee (NYMC)

Proud (PNC) is a self-organising group who campaign on issues relating to lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people. Proud members elect a national committee and representatives for each PCS region.

Each forum is made up of reps from:

  • The PCS national executive committee (NEC)
  • PCS employer groups such as Revenue and Customs, Department for Work and Pensions, Ministry of Defence, Land Registry, EHRC & Culture Sector
  • PCS national branches covering some employers, which are not departments and agencies
  • PCS regional committees

Each forum aims to meets at least three times a year and their function is to:

  • Advise the national executive on policy issues relating to their particular subject area
  • To exchange information on developments in negotiations and campaigns
  • To identify areas where guidance is needed for negotiators and local reps
  • To consider and develop national strategies to increase the involvement and participation of members in the union.

Each forum specifically targets and encourages participation of members from that specific group. Members of each forum can be contacted via the Equality department for further information: equality@pcs.org.uk 

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