National Black Members' Committee

The national black members committee (NBMC) is a sub committee of the national executive committee (NEC). It advises the NEC on campaigns and issues relating to black members in PCS and wider society.

It meets three times a year and is tasked with carrying out the PCS race equality strategy (RES).

The secretary to the committee is full-time equality officer contactable at

2019-20 Committee

  • Chair: Mohammed Shafiq
  • Vice-Chair: Tracey Hylton
  • Newsletter editorial board: Claudine Campbell, Levoy Getton, Anil Khullar and Philip Olusoji.

Regional representatives

Regional representatives are elected by the registered black members in their region/nation. If you wish to join your regional/nation black members' network please contact

Eastern – Vipin Dattani
North West – Vacant
Northern – Anil Khullar
London & South East - Gordon Manickham
South West - Levoy Getton
Wales - Philip Olusoji
Midlands - Claudine Campbell
Scotland - Andrew Harry
Y&H - Vacant

Group representatives

The following group representatives are elected or nominated by their group and will also sit on the group executive committee (GEC)

Levoy Getton - DWP
Dil Joshi - Home Office
Brian Tong - Scottish Government
Tracey Hylton - HMRC
Grace Howell - DfT
Fari Taherinia - HMPPS
Geoff Lange - DSG
Valerie Ridge - BEIS
Patricia Hill - Education
Floyd Codlin - Culture

NEC members on the NBMC

Angela Grant
Zita Holbourne
Annette Rochester
Hector Wesley

To contact any of the NBMC representatives, please email:

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