National Black Members' Committee

National Black Members Committee

The national black members committee (NBMC) is a sub committee of the national executive committee (NEC). It advises the NEC on campaigns and issues relating to black members in PCS and wider society.

It meets three times a year and is tasked with carrying out the PCS race equality strategy (RES).

The secretary to the committee is full-time equality officer contactable at

2018-19 Committee

  • Chair: Mohammed Shafiq
  • Vice-Chair: Tracey Hylton
  • Newsletter editorial board: Claudine Campbell, Levoy Getton, Anil Khullar and Philip Olusoji.

Regional representatives

Regional representatives are elected by the registered black members in their region. If you wish to join your regional black members' network complete the application form on the right hand side of this page.

Eastern – Vipin Dattani
North West – Vacant
Northern – Anil Khullar
London & South East - Gordon Manickham
South West - Levoy Getton
Wales - Philip Olusoji
Midlands - Claudine Campbell

Group representatives

The following group representatives are elected or nominated by their group and will also sit on the group executive committee (GEC)

Bashir Chilwan - DWP
Dil Joshi - Home Office
Brian Tong - Scottish Government
Tracey Hylton - HMRC
Grace Howell - DfT
Fari Taherinia - HMPPS
Geoff Lange - DSG
Valerie Ridge - BEIS
Patricia Hill - Education

Vacant - Culture, Met Police, DCLG, DEFRA, FCO, British Council, Commercial Sector, DoH, MOJ, Land Registry, NCA and ONS

NEC members on the NBMC

Angela Grant
Zita Holbourne
Annette Rochester
Hector Wesley

To contact any of the NBMC representatives, please email:

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