National Disabled Members' Forum

The national disabled members forum (NDMF) is a national executive committee (NEC) sub-committee. Each group, national branch, region and nation disability network is entitled to send a representative to the NDMF.

We meet up to three times a year to discuss and address challenges and barriers faced by disabled people and to share success stories and best practice. 

Read the latest issue of our digital journal Disability Matters.

The NDMF aims to be proactive and supportive in the way it works to develop campaigns, policies and collective bargaining issues to protect and enhance the rights of disabled people in the workplace and in wider society.

Our current priorities focus on how the combination of the government’s welfare reforms, cuts and austerity measures is having a disproportionately negative impact on disabled people.

The NDMF chair is Martin Cavanagh. Some NEC members also participate in this sub-committee.

The secretary is Karen Foster, PCS equality officer, contactable at

Regional representatives (2019 - 2020)

  • Eastern - Vipin Dattani
  • Northern - Steven Finch
  • London and SE - Danny Herbert
  • Scotland - Barbra Farmer
  • North West - Andy Boylan
  • Midlands - Clara Harmer

Vacant: Wales, Northern Ireland, South West, Yorkshire and Humberside

Group representatives (2019 - 2020)

  • Sian Ruddick - DWP
  • Keith Brockie - SG
  • Malcolm Shazell - Land Registry
  • Barbra Farmer - HMRC
  • John Hegney - DfT
  • Mary Wozencroft - HMPS
  • Andy Boylan - DSG
  • Douglas Adams - BEIS
  • Mick Stone - Met Police
  • Austin Harney - MOJ
  • Martin Birkett - EFRA
  • Robert Blanks - CPS
  • Diane Tackaberry - DfE
  • Patricia Corrigan - Home Office
  • Joaquim Marques - Culture
  • Patricia Lynch - ACAS
  • Sian Boyles - PSg

Vacant: British Council, Commercial Sector, Education, DOH, FCO, Passport Office, NCA, DCLG, ONS, Aviation, LGBT, Young Members

NEC Members on the NDMF

  • Martin Cavanagh (Chair)
  • Alan Dennis
  • Phil Dickins
  • Kenny Mckay
  • Bev Laidlaw
  • Chris Marks

To contact any of the NDMF representatives, please email:

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