Proud - LGBT+ members

Proud - LGBT+ Members

Proud is the equality group which represents members who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or otherwise of non heterosexual sexual orientations or whose gender identity differs from that as assigned to them at birth e.g. asexual, intersex.

PCS, in line with current TUC practice, refers to these members using the acronym of LGBT+ to be inclusive of all within this group, although others may choose to use alternative terms such as LGBTI+, LGBTQI.

About Proud

Proud is member led and seeks to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and support LGBT+ members within the workplace, local communities and beyond.

Each year Proud members elects a national committee who oversee the work of Proud and work with PCS’ National Executive Committee to represent the views of LGBT+ members in the work our Union undertakes on members behalf.

While Proud’s National Committee is responsible for overseeing the day to day running of the group, it is Proud members that determine the work of the committee through motions to the Proud AGM, putting Proud members directly in charge of Proud.

Proud also has its own constitution, as agreed by Proud members, which sets out the rules by which the national committee and the group is governed.

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