Annual General Meeting

Proud Annual General Meeting 2020 - statement by Kris Hendry, Chair

On behalf of the Proud national committee may I first pass on our best wishes, we hope everyone is safe and well as the pandemic continues to affect us all.

As you will know, the pandemic has disrupted PCS’s normal activities, in particular the ability to carry out meetings, such as ADC, and undertake annual group and national elections earlier this year.

As part of these annual arrangements we would ordinarily expect to hold our annual general meeting following PCS’s LGBT+ members' seminar in October.

Our national committee met  on 12 September where we discussed the current COVID-19 position and its impact on our ability to proceed with AGM 2020 and the annual elections.

Having considered the potential risks and barriers to meeting, either physically or online, the committee agreed that proceeding at this stage would not best serve the interests of Proud and our members, in light of increasing positive cases being reported and the logistical barriers through current working arrangements of both members and full time PCS officers.

This decision has not been taken lightly and the committee understand members will be disappointed, however we believe our AGM should be open and accessible but the risks posed by any physical meeting and/or the barriers of an online meeting would counter that intention at this stage.

In lieu of AGM the current national committee will continue to carry on the work of Proud. The committee will consider co-option for any current vacancy until such time as we are able to host our AGM if you would be interested in joining the Committee.

We hope members understand the difficult situation facing the committee and our reasoning and thank you all for your patience.

Annual General Meeting

The Proud Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the main decision making body of Proud and is open to all Proud members, allowing Proud members to directly set the agenda for the group.

Prior to the AGM members are entitled to submit motions for inclusion on the meeting agenda. These motions are then discussed and debated before being put to the vote with motions carried then becoming the responsibility of the incoming national committee to take forward over the following year.

The AGM also elects the Proud national committee for that year with the calling notice for nominations issued prior to the AGM, giving all members an opportunity to stand and get involved in Proud.

Each year the national committee produces an annual report, detailing the work of the group in the previous year. This includes the progress of motions from the previous AGM with members able to question the national committee on the annual report, ensuring transparency between the national committee and Proud members.

Proud National Committee

Proud’s National Committee consists of 6 officers as well as dedicated reps for bi and trans members alongside a rep for each of our Union’s additional equality strands who focus on intersecting issues. In addition reps are elected to cover each PCS region and devolved nation to help ensure the Committee is reflective of the overall diversity amongst our LGBT+ membership.

The currently elected Proud National Committee members are:


Chair - Kris Hendry
Vice Chair - Saorsa Tweedale
Secretary - Vacant
Treasurer - Tom Wright
Organiser (Membership and Admin) - Richard Jones
Organiser (Learning and Regional/Devolved Nations) - Vacant
Organiser (Campaigns and Comms) - Vacant

Equality Reps

Bisexual Members Rep - Sam Cooper/David Cunningham
Black Members Rep - Yemisi Ilesanmi
Disabled Members Rep - Stephen Finch
Trans Members Rep - Saorsa Tweedale
Women’s Rep - Vacant
Young Members Rep - Vacant

Regional/Devolved Nation Reps

Northern - Vacant
North West - Vacant
Yorkshire and Humberside - Vacant
Midlands - Liat Norris
Eastern Counties - Yemisi Ilesanmi
London and South East - Vacant
South West - Vacant
Northern Ireland - Vacant
Scotland - Vacant
Wales - Vacant

If you are interested in a vacancy, or would like more information, then please email All contact will be treated in confidence.


The Proud Constitution are the rules governing the running of the group as agreed by members through the Annual General Meeting.

Any amendment to the constitution must be agreed at the AGM and requires the agreement of two thirds of eligible members to be agreed.

A copy of the Proud Constitution is available to download as a pdf.

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