Annex 2 - PCS Proud Mission statement

Annex 2 - PCS Proud Mission Statement

·         We will act in a professional manner and in accordance with the rules within the group constitution at all times.

·         We will be accountable to both our membership and PCS for our actions.

·         We will provide a safe and confidential environment in which to support our members with LGBT+ related issues

·         We will display and expect a positive, proactive, can-do attitude and encourage the same of our membership.

·         We will develop and apply an effective and efficient communication strategy to ensure that all interested parties are kept informed and consulted as appropriate.

·         We will increase the use of e-communication and provide more regular information and contact with members.

·         We will provide fully accessible information as and when required.

·         We will provide members with opportunities to develop and be fully involved in the activities of Proud.

·         We will develop effective links with Groups, PCS Regional Offices and other PCS Equality Forums.

·         We will organise the annual PCS LGBT+ Seminar on behalf of PCS.

·         We will ensure that Proud has representation on all relevant sub-groups and committees.



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