We have two workplace posters on challenging stereotyping of bisexual people.  One poster is in English, and one in Welsh and English. For copies, email PCS equality at

We believe bisexual people including our bisexual members, their issues and communities are long overdue proper visibility and greater participation in our workplaces, families and society as well as in our union and the movement more widely.

At Proud's annual general meeting in 2012, Proud members voted for a new representative role, that of bisexual members rep, to be a part of the Proud national committee. 

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PCS would like to hear from you with your suggestions and ideas on what sort of information on bisexuality you would like to see and share here. For example:

  • Myth-busting facts
  • Personal stories
  • Weblinks to resources on bisexuality
  • Advice and guidance for reps and members
  • Suggestions on ways to support, recruit, organise and involve bisexual members.

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